Artwork by Jacob

Artwork by Jacob

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rigatoni with Sausage and Fennel

Januray's Food Network Magazine included this Rigatoni with Sausage and Fennel recipe from Ina Garten. I love pasta and thought we would enjoy this, boy did we ever. Another restaurant worthy recipe from Ina.

This pasta is not a light recipe. High fat items include Italian sausage, heavy cream, half and half and Parmesan cheese. We ate small portions. I made half a recipe and we managed to get five servings. This was delicious and decadent. The recipe is available on Food Network website. I am linking this with I Heart Cooking Clubs theme of the week Italian food.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sunny-Side-Up Meringues

For this first day of Spring, Sunny-Side-Up Meringues. This is a dessert take on "eggs". The base is a meringue cookie which whipped up pretty easy, most of the work was in the oven. The "yolk" is a mixed citrus curd of lemon, lime and orange. I need to take a master class on curd making. I seem to keep it too loose. I am afraid of over cooking and ruining it but I usually just end up with a loose curd. But lucky for me Dorie's curds are always delicious so it will not go to waste.

We didn't know quite what to make of this dessert. The meringues were very crunchy and not able to cut with a knife, it just shattered. And my loose curd did not help the situation. It was sweet and tasty but hard to eat. I don't think this one will make a repeat in my house.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Apple Weekend Cake

Tuesdays with Dorie
Baking Chez Moi

According to Dorie this recipe is from the Normandy region of France. For this cake she suggests using sweet, juicy apples so I went with Jazz apples which are a fusion between a Royal Gala and a Bareburn Apple. My notes for this recipe were moist, delicious, easy and make again. A delightful cake good for breakfast, brunch, snack or dessert. No matter when you eat it you will like it. Enjoy!

Apple Weekend Cake page 14.

Spinach Salad with Roasted Squash, Roasted Grapes and Pumpkin Seeds

This week's featured ingredient at  I Heart Cooking Clubs is Greens! Anything green and leafy counts so I decided on this Spinach Salad by Ellie Krieger. My husband is travelling again this week so that means make something he doesn't like mainly butternut squash.

This is a great winter salad with butternut squash, grapes and pumpkin seeds. The flavor comes from roasting the butternut squash and roasting the grapes. The pumpkin seeds also get a toasting. The salad dressing is a mixture of olive oil, maple syrup, cider vinegar and Dijon mustard. A very tasty salad that I have been enjoying as a lunch or dinner meal. The recipe can be found on Ellie Krieger's website. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

We are down to our final four weeks with Ina Garten at I Heart Cooking Clubs. This first week of March we were tasked with Breakfast Buffet! Cook up any Ina Garten dish you'd like to see at a breakfast buffet. 

I chose to make this Sour Cream Coffee Cake as I could make it in advance as well as photograph it. The cake is a simple white cake made with sour cream for moistness. The streusel is made up of butter, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt, I omitted the nuts. The streusel is put inside on top of half the batter and  then again on top. I also omitted the glaze on top after baking since I thought there was enough sugar already.

We had this for breakfast and thought it was plain. I don't know if the nuts would have added more flavor or not. I barely tasted the cinnamon the only spice in the recipe. Once again this recipe has many five star ratings on the Food Network but I would not make this again.

The recipe and video are available on the Food Network. To see what others made head over to I Heart Cooking Cubs.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


This week on Tuesdays with Dorie we are making Hamantaschen. I voted for this one to see Dorie's take on this Purim cookie. I learned how to make hamantaschen from Faye Levy's International Jewish Cookbook. Her One, Two, Three Cookie Dough recipe has been the staple in my family. I have varied the fillings but usually do poppyseed raisin. 

Back when my son was itty-bitty, I could get him to cook with me. I had him folding hamantaschen like a pro. Now I can't get him into the kitchen to cook, teenagers.

Dorie's version of this cookie is very different. I have never made a cookie dough with oil before and it was soft to work with. The dried fruit I used in my filling was dried cherries, figs and raisins. My husband said the filling was excellent. These cookies cook up crisp and are very different from the ones I make. My son said they tasted like a cracker. I am partial to the ones I make but Dorie's version are growing on me. 

Hamantaschen page 283. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Vegetable Tian

I Heart Cooking Clubs
My husband gets the sole credit for this week's cooking assignment. I was all cooked out last weekend but my husband decided to take the reigns. Among the vegetable dishes I had tagged in Barefoot In Paris my husband chose this Vegetable Tian. Who knew such simple ingredients could taste so good. This dish has onion, garlic, potato, zucchini, tomatoes, flavored with thyme and topped with Gruyere cheese. It really takes a recipe for me to elevate my vegetables. This dish came out delicious and deemed make again. The only caution is that it takes at least an hour to make, something my husband did not notice so we ate late that night. No matter I was just glad I didn't have to cook:)

Vegetable Tian page 146 or from the Food Network.